23 June 2024

h 19.00

poetic audiodescription accessible to a blind audience / 45min

Aristide Rontini

Lampyris Noctiluca

Sarzana / Sala Ocra

In Lampyris Noctiluca, dance is the bearer of fully experienced diversity. Performer Aristide Rontini dialogues with Pier Paolo Pasolini, starting with the disappearance of fireflies evoked in his 1975 article, incorporating their poetic posture through movements and refraction of light. Between inner and outer experience – between vécu and ressenti – the body exposes itself and dances, placing outside of an unambiguous reading.

by and with Aristide Rontini
dramaturg Gaia Clotilde Chernetich
original music Vittorio Giampietro
lighting design Giulia Pastore
lighting technician Angelo Generali
replication with poetic audio-description accessible to a blind audience by Camilla Guarino and Giuseppe Comuniello
production collaboration Emilia Romagna Teatro ERT / Teatro Nazionale – Focus CARNE and Nexus Factory
with the support of Versiliadanza, Onassis AiR as part of the Europe Beyond Access project co-funded by the Creative Europe program, Artistic Residencies Project 2022/2023 Area Cultura Comune di Imola, Masque Teatro
with the support of MiC – DIREZIONE GENERALE SPETTACOLO for the project RIFRAZIONI di Oriente Occidente, APS Arcigay Il Cassero / Gender Bender, Centro Servizi Culturali Santa Chiara, APS Fuori Luogo (Festival Fisiko!), IAC – Centro Arti Integrate, Menhir/Le Danzatrici en plein air, TeatroMenzatì/Tex il teatro dell’ExFadda, Associazione Nexus, Versiliadanza.

Audio description accessible to a blind audience.

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